Small lot original printings: HP Indigo

High quality printing solution allow you to print small lot flexible packaging to fit the changing business needs.

  • Reduces inventory risk, contribute to a good cash flow of your company
    By enabling small lot printing, it prevents loss of stock material and long-term storage cost.
    *Our minimum lot is 500m. (1/8 of the normal printing lot in our company)
  • Zero Plate-making fee
    Indigo enables more try outs in new product development by eliminating plate-making fee. Indigo can also be used in production of samples and promotional giveaways.
  • Utilize multiple designs of product in one roll of paper
    Indigo allows design changes in a same size, same material lot, so it is best used in producing products in series. Of course, we can design the package at extra cost.
  • Select product from a wide range of forms
    You can select from following line up.
    Rear seam bag with a zipper
    Stand up pouch with a zipper
    3 Side seal bag
    Rear seam bag
    Side gusset bag
  • Select from several materials
    You can choose from the line-up below. Rich materials makes your package even more original.
    The aluminum
    Aluminum vapor deposition
    Transparent gas barrier
    Unryu Japanese paper 14g
  • Color printing that is best for photograph
    4 color (CMYK) + White enables brilliant color printings. Foil stamping is also supported.

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